Palmetto Ear, Nose and Throat, PA offers a wide variety of ENT services.

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From the voices of your loved ones to the melodies of your favorite songs, your ability to hear connects you to your world in a way no other sense can.

Ear Services

Nose & Mouth

Learn more about treatment options for conditions such as stuffy noses or persistent mouth sores.

Nose & Mouth Services

Throat & Sleep Apnea

Your throat plays a vital role in many of your body’s functions: breathing, swallowing, and speaking and even Sleep Apnea.

Throat Services


At Palmetto Ear, Nose and Throat, PA , we treat patients of all ages, and specialize in helping children with their ENT conditions.

Pediatric Services

Head & Neck

Our teams of Head and Neck specialists are experts in giving you clarity about the state of your health and the most effective treatments options available.

Head & Neck


Palmetto Ear, Nose and Throat, PA provides consultation and medical services for thyroid medical conditions.

Thyroid Services